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Summer is here!



Click yourself into Beitostølen Aktiv&Skiskole below to make your summer holiday reservations.


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For the kids our Gyro Trampoline Rigg is a Magnet






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Unstad Vestvågøy Lofoten

The worlds northernmost "live" web surf camera

Surfers can be seen when they are out there :-)



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From Vega, Norway:


Vega dreamcatchers


New site, still developing so English is not yet available. Neither is online shopping.. yet.


These are hand made, feel free to take a look at the works.

Contact via Vega dreamcatchers' Facebook site.



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Vega dreamcatchers Facebook:


Mini Gallery

Day to day - sort of..

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Please note


The weather station is located 300 m. away from:


Utladalen Camping


For those of you that travels with a camper, a tent or are seeking a cabin for hire.


Norwegian web site:



In English:



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Beitostølen Resort


Bottom lift station at 895 m above sea level

Oregon weather station LW 301 is an internet based weather station.


For those of you that like weather in general this station is located at Storøyni, Øvre Årdal, N-6884 at 50 m. above sea level.


On my PC, at 50 m., I have to add 5,6 hPa to the barometric pressure to get the sea level pressure. (MSL)


Baromertic pressure decreases 1 hPa for aprox. 8 metres of climbing at low altitudes which indicates a small difference between the cellphone app and the PC! I should have added a little over 6 hPa!


The cellphone app shows the sea level pressure. The PC software shows the actual barometric pressure.

Download the Anyhere Weather app. for Android systems and Apple products.


It is not "Live" in the real sense of the word but updates every 30-60 seconds.


Log In Info: User / Password:





Station Name: Petter Saunes


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Cruise Ships




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Cruise port live web cam

Enjoy the cruise ships

Source: Youtube






Web cam

Frequent cruise ships