My Music

My music


I am reconstructing these musical pages into categories in the hope that it will be easier to navigate through them.


It is not easy to do that with clean cut lines since the different genre types are, often, deeply integrated.

When, for instance, does progressive rock become just rock and vice versa?

And when does jazz become jazz-rock? In my head and heart it is all entangled :-)


My musical roots starts in the middle sixties and the seventies was to me the greatest decade. Some of those bands are still going strong, the musicans has matured and some are, to me, even better today. Several of the bands from that time has re-unioned.


Some of the progressive bands are probably "pling-plong" music to some of you but it IS part of my roots, what i grew up with from my early teen years.


But by all means, there are new names popping up once and a while that makes some very good and intersting music.


Due to the reconstruction of these pages there will not be very many posts in the start. But, they will build up for sure :-)


Hope you will find some of the bands you love here, in time.. please be patient with me.


Please feel free to contact me of you have any ideas of improvements.

As a comment to my own words, I didn't notice, at first that you could insert an external URL on top of the words and not use a "button" from the  website builder that I named "Play".. well, well, shit happens I guess. Sorry for that but I am not going to change it, you will have to live with it :-)




I just have to mention some of the albums as absolute favorites of mine but that it is also very dependable on your mood, there and then, at any given time.

Here and now Focus' Hamburger Concerto is playing and that is, to me, one of the best albums ever made along with Genesis' Selling England By The Pound.


Also take a closer listening session with the early Pink Floyd, Genesis & Yes. Not to mention the British prog. rock band Curved Air.


Addition: Take a look at at Tal Wilkenfeld before you listen to Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's


I am about to to post this now, bare with me, more is to come, so either you like it or not at first llistening , give it a chance at third or fourth listening. But you have to be alone if you don't have a soulmate listener.  Turn up your your volume and PLEASE, don't use your cell phone!!!


Another thing: Highly Recommended To Open All The External Links In A new Tab!!!